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Welcome to –  P.M Plastering – where a high standard of Plastering at sensible rates can always be expected.

Why should you worry WHO does your plastering?

Surely there are hundreds to choose from?

Because plastering is an ‘art’, and like any other, Imposters are rife. If the work is finished second-rate, the whole job looks inferior. Follow-up trades have a hard time, and it shows, in both the finish, and the increased costs of the S-word … (SNAGGING).

**QUALITY** –  is our ‘keyword’.


We like to keep all work areas clean and tidy, inside and out. Tidying as we go, and leaving the job clear of rubbish and rubble when we finish up. This is what you can expect from ‘PMP’, at all times. (Including PUNCTUALITY).

So, whatever your requirements. Do think about the quality first. Do NOT take a chance with such an important part of YOUR project.

Whether it be commercial or private, plastering can MAKE or BREAK any job.

Let ‘PMP’ be YOUR reference for quality and reliability.

As a rough guide, we like to keep our work boundaries within a 15-20 mile radius of Reading in Berkshire. (But of course there will be exceptions)



Have you looked around your house lately???

Why not ask a friend or relative to give an OBJECTIVE view.

* Are your walls suffering the ravages of time??

* Are they flaky, cracked, or sound hollow in places where the backing is leaving the walls??

* Do your ceilings have that knarled, weathered look about them??

* Maybe they are still coated with unsightly Old Artex which also contains the dreaded ASBESTOS.

No need for expensive removal. Simply SEAL, then either re-tack and re-plaster. Or SEAL and re-plaster if the ceilings are in otherwise good condition.

This process is not as messy as you probably think, with proper preparation and protection. Smart, flat, smooth ceilings, instantly upgrade your property. As does a quality finish on your walls.

As your house is also your major investment, it makes sense to keep it at it’s optimum value.

If in doubt about the condition of your existing plastering and you are thinking of maintenance work. Remember, quotes are free within a 15 mile radius of Reading, Berks.

To arrange a visit at your earliest convenience.

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You Can Also – Tel: Mob; 07949910499 – or – 01189 510271


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I look forward to hearing from you soon ….

Pete Moring … P.M Plastering.


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